2017 Fall semester
  • We cannot accept early check-in or late check-out due to other programs prior and after your exchange semester. Students who arrive in Korea prior to check-in period should find temporary housing themselves.
  • Blanket and pillows are NOT included. 
  • Payment instructions for the housing will be sent by email.
  • Please refer to the housing regulations for additional information

Eton House

This dormitory is for females only


This dormitory is for females only


This dormitory is for males only


This dormitory is for males only

Off-campus Housing

Eton House, Smartville, Roseville, and Majangville are off-campus housing. Most of the exchange students, including students from Europe, will be residing in one of these housing.

Off-campus regulations

On-campus Dormitory

The on-campus dormitory is for scholarship recipients and degree seeking regular international students only. Regular exchange student usually do not reside in this housing.

Dormitory regulations

Apply for housing

  • Payment needs to be received within 20 days after reservation
  • Registration deadline and payment deadline is TBA
  • Read the instructions in the email carefully
  • Use Internet Explorer only

Apply now

Payment confirmation

After registration you can use the link below to check your payment confirmation.

  • Total payment needs to be made at once (not per month)
  • Credit card payment not available. Wire transfer only.
  • In Asia IBAN is not used. BIC/SWIFT is used for verification instead.
  • Please keep in mind that with international transfers some fees might be deducted for remittance. You are advised to transfer slightly more than the total amount.

Payment Confirmation