If the official course list is not yet available you can use the files here to get an impression of which courses will be offered. Click the button to download the course list.


These instructions are only for find English taught courses, they are not for course registration. 
Click here for course registration instructions.


Click on the button below. In case the page is showing in Korean, click the English flag in the right top of your screen. Now click “Course Catalog

Find Courses

Please use Internet Explorer only.

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Select the correct year and semester and select “Major Courses

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Please use the following filters to specify which courses are eligible for you to take.

  • Seoul Campus undergraduate courses select “College
  • ERICA Campus undergraduate courses select “ERICA College
  • Graduate courses select “Graduate School of ~

Choose the “College/Graduate School” and “Dept./Major” that you wish to search.

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Once you have set all filters correctly, you can click on “Search

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To find out if a course is taught in English, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Now scroll the bottom bar to the right.

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Next to the schedule and location there is a cell with “영어전용A“. This means the course will be taught in English.

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If you wish to see the syllabus, click on the course number of the specific course.

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There are 2 tabs on the top of the screen. One for a Korean syllabus, and one for English.

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Click on “Print” in the right top corner of the screen to print out the syllabus.

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If you have any questions or are experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at exchangein@hanyang.ac.kr